Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Rebel rose and sea breeze!

Rebel rose my new favorite colour!

Rebel rose, White mosaic effect and sea breeze!
Just a quick blogpost for you guys tonight, sorry that I've been away! School and work has taken over a bit of my life right now :) First things first, I've changed my blog name to 'bellaslife2012' as this also matches my youtube name, so make sure you go and check out my daly videos x
This blog will also be having a new make-over soon, which I am so exicited about.
Right, lets get onto the proper blog post now. So as you can tell from the weather and changing seasons, it's now offical winter (and has been for about a month) This normally means I tend to prefer very dark colours and shades of reds but, not this year! I decided to treat myself and buy 3 new Avon nail polish all for £3 each. The colours last for around a week without any chips, it's long lasting and makes my nails look like it had a salon treatment. My favorite colour that I've been reaching for lately are called 'Rebel Rose' this colour is a dark deep pinky red and matches everything that I wear. I would definetly recommended this to everyone. The next colour is a greeny mint blue and it's called 'Sea Breeze' these 2 colours have instantly become my favorites and I've accidently ordered 3 of each colour! What are your favorite winter colours?
nattiphabail xox

Monday, 12 November 2012


Hey guys! How is everyone feeling this evening? So, I've been having a little winter clear out/clean up of all my make-up and beauty products, since it's going to be the new year soon and I felt like winter cleaning everything! This is my first ever blog sale for make-up/beauty products and there will be more coming up for clothes, accessories and jewellery! The rules for this blog sale are as follows:
-First come first served basis.
-Please leave item name along with your paypal address in the comment section down below, so I can send you an invoice.
-P&P cost will be listed next to the item.
-I have used the Royal Mail Price Finder to calculate postage, if you are buying more than one item then the posting and packaging will be £3.50 for everything.
-I am not responsible for any damage once I've posted and sent the item off.
-Allow up to 3 weeks for the item to be sent to you!
-Sorry, but I do not accept returns.
- UK buyers only as it's my first blog sale!
I hope you find something that you want/would like! Enjoy :)
Blog sale!
Rimmel london metallic stars roller eye shadow, used a few times £2.00 + £1.00pp Collection 2000 dazzle me eye shadow dust in the shade 'number 15' £2.00 + £2.00pp
Aqua max lashes moisture resistance lash extender mascara, brand new £1.00 + £2.00pp Colortrend total curl mascara, used a few times £1.50 + £2.00pp Colortrend lipstick in the shade 'iced champink' £1.50 + £2.00pp Zafi conclearer stick in the shade 'medium' never used £1.00 + £2.00pp
Avon ideal flawless invisible coverage foundation, used once £2.50 + £2.00pp BB cream from Hong Kong, never ever used £1.00 + £2.00pp
Shockwave tame it smoothing mousse, used twice £2.00 + £2.00pp Catwalk Tigi fashionsta smooth and shine heat and iron safe, used a few times £3.00 + £2.20pp Marks and spencer formula skin conditioning toner, used for 2 week £2.00 + £2.20pp
St Moriz instant self tanning mousse in the shade 'dark' £2.50 + £2.00pp Accessorize hand cream, never ever used £2.00 + £2.00pp
Avon nailwear pro+ in the shade 'seabreeze' never used new in the box £2.50 + £2.00pp Avon nailwear pro+ in the shade 'seabreeze' used a few times £2.50 + £2.00pp Avon mosaic effects in the shade 'white' used once £2.00 + £2.00pp 
Rimmel london stay glossy lipgloss in the sahde 'bright pink' used 3 times £1.00 + £2.00pp Precious ultra shine lip in the colours red with sparkles' used 3 times £2.00 + £2.00pp No7 liplicious ultra shiny lipgloss in the shade 'pink' used twice £2.00 + £2.00pp
Mac lipstick in the shade 'blankety' usage shown £3.00 + £2.00pp Mac deluxe eyebrow pencil and brush in the shade 'brown' never a few times £3.00 + £2.00pp
Marks and spencer 4 glossy lip gloss set never used £2.00 + £2.00pp

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Thailand vs England

Pattaya Thailand
Bristol England

Hey guys, how are you all on this very wet and cold November evening? I'm just currently watching 'Keeping up with the Kardashians' and a new blog post idea came into my head. You could say that I envy the lives of celebrities, well who doesn't? I love the whole Kardashians/Jenner family. Kris's daughter are all beautiful. Kim is the most well knwon one, Khloe is outspoken in a good way, Kourtney is the mummy of the group, Kendall is utterly stunning and Kylie is beautiful! I love seeing what they get up to, how their lives are different everyday and I am so jealous of that. 

My life is nothing like theirs at all and in a way I am thankful yet envious  My parents own a few business in Thailand and we can live a lot better out there, because of the exchange rate :) I'm currently in year 11 right now and it's about time I decided on what I should do with my future. My Mum is currently living out in Thailand right now and she's enjoying it so much. I finish school in July next year and get to decided where I want to live! That's a big decisions for a 16 year old and I would hate to make the wrong one. Down below I will write the pro's and con's of each country. I want a good job, where I am happy and will have enough money not to worry about anything in life!

Pros of Thailand:
-All my Mum's side of the family live in Thailand
-My family are well off in the country
-The views is stunning
-The atmosphere is laid back
-I can speak perfect or nearly perfect Thai
-I like the country

Cons of Thailand:
-Because of my parents wealth people take advantage
-I don't know the Thai system very well
-The law is unfair for Thai and foreign people
-The weather is way to hot for me
-I don't know the Thai culture at all

Pros of England:
-I've been living here for the past 10 years
-I know lots about the country
-I like living in England
-I nearly finished school now
-I know how to get to where I want to in life

Cons of England:
-It can be expensive
-Living without your parents can be hard
-The weather in England!
-That's all I can think about 

As you can see from the list there are lots of things that I have to think about. Writing or talking about this makes me feel a lot better so, this little blog will now become my diary as well :) Thanks for reading!


Thursday, 1 November 2012

Ruk mi me wan tai!

Hey guys. How was everyone's Halloween last night? The weather was very bad here in Bristol, the rain kept raining the whole night so I decided to stay in with my Dad and watch a film! Tuesday night, I stayed round my cousin's house and watched a Thai lakorn. The equivalent to a lakorn would be an English soap such as Emmerdale, Hollyoaks or Eastenders. 

So, anyway it was my cousins fault for getting me hooked! I thought it would be extremely fun to write a English review on the lakorn that I've been addicted to for the past 2 days. I've been watching this none stop every minute of the day and I'm only about 7 hours in, which is half way through, can you believe that?. 

So here's the main over view of the lakorn 'Ruk mi me wan tai' which translate to 'Love will never end'. It's a Thai version of the Twilight films, the main difference is that it's based in Thailand with Thai dara (celebrities), where the main character has to keep a promise to his father and nearly everyone is immortal. The main characters are played by Dome and Ploy, I don't know how to write the characters name. 

Dome kept a promise to his Dad that he would find all 117 pieces from the Ming Dynasty and put it back to it's original places to get rid of the curse. The curse being immortal, where he cannot live a normal life. Dome has to live a life where he drinks blood to stay alive, he must lie to everyone, he's a vampire that never ages. Ploy is  a girl that determined to work for him. She is loud, annoying yet a very funny, determined and cute character.  Ploy wants to work for him because she loves antique and the money will help her Mum get better since she is blind. 

Ploy finds out that Dome is actually an immortal half way through the lakorn, she isn't fazed by this but it makes her fall in love with him even more. There love for each other grows deeper as the lakorn processes and at the end they both get together. The chemistry is clear throughout the lakorn as Ploy and Dome both become closer. They used to be with each other but brought up. 

This lakorn is very interesting and I love watching it! I currently have 7 more series left of this and it's something that I enjoy watching. I recommend watching this as it's something you will be hooked to :) I hope you enjoy this review! If you have any more reviews, questions that you need answering, feel free to leave it in the comment section below :)


Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Just a quick hello!

The girl behind the blog :)

Hey guys and welcome back to http://smileshesthai.blogspot.co.uk/ some of you who read this blog regularly may notice that everything has been deleted and that I've started over again. Since, I've turned 16 I have felt a lot more mature and didn't like the way my blog looked. I wanted a change and that has been put in place :) along with a few other changes coming soon. I love reading other people's blog and I want mine to be like theirs  My favourite bloggers are Kayleigh 'http://x-couturegirl-x.blogspot.co.uk/' who is having a massive give-away so go follow and enter now. I am also obsessed with Dulce Candy. If you don't know who they are then type their name into Google and your see why! Not only that but, I also felt like I've been neglecting this blog a little bit since some family problem has taken over my life. That's sorted now and I wanted this blog to come across as a place where I let people in my life no matter what. 

I have decided to write about 4 different topics areas and not just one so this blog can cater for everyone reading. Topic 1 is going to be based on Beauty, I love everything to do with beauty, as well I am a girl! Topic 2 is about Make-up, I will be doing lots of reviews, comparisons and generally giving you my opinion of what I think. My aim in life is to become a fashion and beauty journalist, wedding planner or make-up artist, so, this blog should be a way of me practising for the future. Topic 3 will be about fashion and clothes. I have a way of getting inside scoop, of what is the new trends are for the up and coming season as most of family work in Mulberry. Since I know know what job I want in the future it has made me even more determined to be very fashion forward. Hopefully, I can put up some pictures of OTTD's. Last but not least is topic 4. This will be about my life and my thoughts. I find it so easy to write things down rather than say it out loud. I want this to be a place where I can get everything of my chest and feel better for it. I'm putting an hour a side every 2-3 days a week to update this blog just for you, I hope you enjoy reading this first blog post as there will be many more to come :)