Monday, 12 November 2012


Hey guys! How is everyone feeling this evening? So, I've been having a little winter clear out/clean up of all my make-up and beauty products, since it's going to be the new year soon and I felt like winter cleaning everything! This is my first ever blog sale for make-up/beauty products and there will be more coming up for clothes, accessories and jewellery! The rules for this blog sale are as follows:
-First come first served basis.
-Please leave item name along with your paypal address in the comment section down below, so I can send you an invoice.
-P&P cost will be listed next to the item.
-I have used the Royal Mail Price Finder to calculate postage, if you are buying more than one item then the posting and packaging will be £3.50 for everything.
-I am not responsible for any damage once I've posted and sent the item off.
-Allow up to 3 weeks for the item to be sent to you!
-Sorry, but I do not accept returns.
- UK buyers only as it's my first blog sale!
I hope you find something that you want/would like! Enjoy :)
Blog sale!
Rimmel london metallic stars roller eye shadow, used a few times £2.00 + £1.00pp Collection 2000 dazzle me eye shadow dust in the shade 'number 15' £2.00 + £2.00pp
Aqua max lashes moisture resistance lash extender mascara, brand new £1.00 + £2.00pp Colortrend total curl mascara, used a few times £1.50 + £2.00pp Colortrend lipstick in the shade 'iced champink' £1.50 + £2.00pp Zafi conclearer stick in the shade 'medium' never used £1.00 + £2.00pp
Avon ideal flawless invisible coverage foundation, used once £2.50 + £2.00pp BB cream from Hong Kong, never ever used £1.00 + £2.00pp
Shockwave tame it smoothing mousse, used twice £2.00 + £2.00pp Catwalk Tigi fashionsta smooth and shine heat and iron safe, used a few times £3.00 + £2.20pp Marks and spencer formula skin conditioning toner, used for 2 week £2.00 + £2.20pp
St Moriz instant self tanning mousse in the shade 'dark' £2.50 + £2.00pp Accessorize hand cream, never ever used £2.00 + £2.00pp
Avon nailwear pro+ in the shade 'seabreeze' never used new in the box £2.50 + £2.00pp Avon nailwear pro+ in the shade 'seabreeze' used a few times £2.50 + £2.00pp Avon mosaic effects in the shade 'white' used once £2.00 + £2.00pp 
Rimmel london stay glossy lipgloss in the sahde 'bright pink' used 3 times £1.00 + £2.00pp Precious ultra shine lip in the colours red with sparkles' used 3 times £2.00 + £2.00pp No7 liplicious ultra shiny lipgloss in the shade 'pink' used twice £2.00 + £2.00pp
Mac lipstick in the shade 'blankety' usage shown £3.00 + £2.00pp Mac deluxe eyebrow pencil and brush in the shade 'brown' never a few times £3.00 + £2.00pp
Marks and spencer 4 glossy lip gloss set never used £2.00 + £2.00pp

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