Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Rebel rose and sea breeze!

Rebel rose my new favorite colour!

Rebel rose, White mosaic effect and sea breeze!
Just a quick blogpost for you guys tonight, sorry that I've been away! School and work has taken over a bit of my life right now :) First things first, I've changed my blog name to 'bellaslife2012' as this also matches my youtube name, so make sure you go and check out my daly videos x
This blog will also be having a new make-over soon, which I am so exicited about.
Right, lets get onto the proper blog post now. So as you can tell from the weather and changing seasons, it's now offical winter (and has been for about a month) This normally means I tend to prefer very dark colours and shades of reds but, not this year! I decided to treat myself and buy 3 new Avon nail polish all for £3 each. The colours last for around a week without any chips, it's long lasting and makes my nails look like it had a salon treatment. My favorite colour that I've been reaching for lately are called 'Rebel Rose' this colour is a dark deep pinky red and matches everything that I wear. I would definetly recommended this to everyone. The next colour is a greeny mint blue and it's called 'Sea Breeze' these 2 colours have instantly become my favorites and I've accidently ordered 3 of each colour! What are your favorite winter colours?
nattiphabail xox

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