Thursday, 1 November 2012

Ruk mi me wan tai!

Hey guys. How was everyone's Halloween last night? The weather was very bad here in Bristol, the rain kept raining the whole night so I decided to stay in with my Dad and watch a film! Tuesday night, I stayed round my cousin's house and watched a Thai lakorn. The equivalent to a lakorn would be an English soap such as Emmerdale, Hollyoaks or Eastenders. 

So, anyway it was my cousins fault for getting me hooked! I thought it would be extremely fun to write a English review on the lakorn that I've been addicted to for the past 2 days. I've been watching this none stop every minute of the day and I'm only about 7 hours in, which is half way through, can you believe that?. 

So here's the main over view of the lakorn 'Ruk mi me wan tai' which translate to 'Love will never end'. It's a Thai version of the Twilight films, the main difference is that it's based in Thailand with Thai dara (celebrities), where the main character has to keep a promise to his father and nearly everyone is immortal. The main characters are played by Dome and Ploy, I don't know how to write the characters name. 

Dome kept a promise to his Dad that he would find all 117 pieces from the Ming Dynasty and put it back to it's original places to get rid of the curse. The curse being immortal, where he cannot live a normal life. Dome has to live a life where he drinks blood to stay alive, he must lie to everyone, he's a vampire that never ages. Ploy is  a girl that determined to work for him. She is loud, annoying yet a very funny, determined and cute character.  Ploy wants to work for him because she loves antique and the money will help her Mum get better since she is blind. 

Ploy finds out that Dome is actually an immortal half way through the lakorn, she isn't fazed by this but it makes her fall in love with him even more. There love for each other grows deeper as the lakorn processes and at the end they both get together. The chemistry is clear throughout the lakorn as Ploy and Dome both become closer. They used to be with each other but brought up. 

This lakorn is very interesting and I love watching it! I currently have 7 more series left of this and it's something that I enjoy watching. I recommend watching this as it's something you will be hooked to :) I hope you enjoy this review! If you have any more reviews, questions that you need answering, feel free to leave it in the comment section below :)


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